The 2018 Board

The Board of Directors of the North Carolina Community College Adult Educators Association (NCCCAEA) is responsible for adopting policies, procedures, and guidelines as needed to ensure the continuing responsible and effective operation of the Association over time.

Member Position Representing Board Service
Dr. Dennis McElhoe
Gaston CollegeDennis McElhoe
President 2017 President Elect
2018 President
2019 Past President
Allan Younger
Forsyth Technical Community CollegeAllan Younger
President Elect 2018 President Elect
2019 President
2020 Past President
Shelley White
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community  CollegeShellyWhite
Past President 2016 President Elect
2017 President
2018 Past President
Angela Hudson
Wayne Community College

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Treasurer 2018-2020
Roslyn Bethea
Wake Technical Community CollegeRoslyn Bethea
Secretary 2018 – 2020
Monica Miller
Wayne Community College?
Occupational Extension Representative 2017-2019
Laurie Weston
Pitt Community CollegeLaurie Weston
Basic Skills Representative 2017-2019
Alison Sanford
Wayne Community CollegeAllison Sanford 5.17
HRD Representative 2017 – 2019
Specialty Programs Representative 2016-2018
Jessica McDaniel
Montgomery Community CollegeJessica McDaniel
Member at Large Representative 2017 – 2019
Cheri Toney
Catawba Valley Community CollegeCheri Toney>
Self-Support Representative 2017-2019
Leeann Cline-Burris
Isothermal Community CollegeLeeann Cline-Burris
Support Staff Representative 2017-2019
 Donna Hood
Isothermal Community CollegeDonna Hood
Senior CE Administrator Representative 2017 – 2019
Greg Bland
Brunswick Community CollegeGB
Senior CE Administrator Representative 2018-2021